About us

VARIA - our company name stands not only for our warehouse and logistics location in Chemnitz, Germany, but also for reliable distribution, fair specialized trade and a wide range of services.

VARIA, your specialist with years of experience in the field of wireless IT systems and international trade, also offers you the necessary stability for price and project calculations.

The company was founded in 2000 as a service provider for software development as well as server and hosting solutions and has its headquarters in Chemnitz since 2013. In addition to the provision of data and server services, the company has mainly focused on optimizing and supporting customer networks. This close cooperation with our customers allows the realization of individual projects, processes and concepts.
Specialized Distributor
Just-in-time delivery, forecast management and trouble-free returns management
VARIA System GmbH not only takes care of the distribution of specialized solutions and the corresponding support, but also offers extensive services to all customers.

In addition to the daily import and export business, these services include a trouble-free returns management, just-in-time delivery and forecast management.

Semi-automatic storage processes enable the company to pick, pack and deliver orders as quickly as possible.

The dynamics of online trading and fluctuating trading currencies also necessitate the continued optimization of functions and processes. For this purpose, VARIA continuously invests in new platforms and interface developments.

The selection and optimization of sales and distribution channels represents another essential task in improving the quality of our business relations.
Drop Shipment
Professional Service - Entirely Neutral
To save your own storage capacities and liquidity, we are offering the option to ship goods via drop shipment to resellers and authorized dealers. In addition to minimizing your upfront inventory, taking advantage of payment terms is another significant benefit to you as a retailer.

VARIA bears the expenses for logistics and guarantees a professional service, starting with the neutral packaging all the way to the delivery at the customers by carefully selected shipping companies.
Workshops & Trainings: VARIA Academy
Imparting Professional Competences for the IT Market
Since 2008, VARIA has been offering workshops as well as training courses and is a certified trainer for UBNT and MikroTik.

VARIA has a team of specialized trainers and consultants, project managers, software developers and web designers who are able to deliver and implement integrated turnkey solutions tailored to your needs through the combination of their project experience and technical expertise.

Our aspiration is to provide qualified training, the latest technology, professional competences for the IT market and an unconditional focus on the needs of our customers.
Technical Support
Provision of Information, Support and Guidance
The technical support of VARIA consists of highly trained and certified IT professionals, who can provide you with the necessary information, support and guidance.

It is our goal to react quickly and efficiently to technical problems and to assist you in configuring or maintaining your systems - if necessary on site.

For companies, we also offer services for first-, second- and third-level support.
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