Compex WLE200NX a/b/g/n miniPCI express radio card

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Product Description

Compex WLE200NX a/b/g/n miniPCI express radio card

Compex WLE200NX is a miniPCIe based wireless network adapter that provides
leading 802.11a/b/g/n performance, supporting up to 300 Mbps physical
data rates on both uplink and downlink. With the help of dual-band
design you will enjoy universal connectivity to any 802.11 device
through your wireless AP or wireless Router. Built with Atheros AR9280
chipset, WLE200NX is easy to use be with all draft IEEE 802.11n
compatible WLANs. WLE200NX is ideally suitable to integrate a wide range of OEM devices.


  • Atheros XB92 reference design
  • Atheros XSPAN family chipset
  • P/N AR 9280
  • IEEE 802.11n compliant and backward compatible with 802.11a/b/g
  • Dual-band 2x2 MIMO spatial multiplexing technique
  • Maximum output power 18 dBm (at) 802.11a / 20 dBm MIMO aggregate
  • Supports up to 300 Mbps physical data rates
  • 4.9 GHz support (optional)
  • Delivers up to 10 times the throughput and nearly twice the range of legacy 802.11a and 802.11b/g networks
  • Transmission Power Control (IEEE 802.11h TPC)
  • Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS)
  • Multi-Country Roaming supported (IEEE802.11d Global Harmonization Standard)
  • 2x U.FL antenna connectors
  • Compliant with PCI-Express Mini Card 1.1 Standard
  • Supports 802.11x authentication, 64-/128-/152-bit WEP, IEEE 802.11i encryption
  • Supports Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000 operating system

Use with:

  • apu1c system board
  • pigsma pigtail
  • antsma 2.4 GHz antenna
  • antsmadb dual band antenna


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